Dump Trailer Rental Mint Hill NC

Do you want to dump the debris of construction? Have you decided on the dump trailer you are going to have on rent for dumping? If not, then you must be looking at various options of dump trailers for this purpose. Do not worry if you find it hard to select one because we have one of the best Dump Trailer Rental Mint Hill NC. We are always trying to make things easier for you. That is why today, we are here to help you out. You can look forward to its features and can make your decision easy.

14 OD Over-The-Axle Dump Trailer

14 OD Over-The-Axle Dump Trailer is a versatile dump trailer. It is a good choice for dumping the debris and waste of construction sites efficiently. This dump trailer is available in gooseneck as well as bumper pull designs. Its features and specs make it easy to haul, load, and unload the debris.



Size :                    14′

Weight :               4,550 #

Dump Body Size :    18” Tall

Frame :                     12” I-Beam, 14#


GVWR :                 14,000 #

GAWR [ Ea. Axle ] :      7,000 #

Payload :               9,450

Couplers :             2-5 / 16” [ adjustable ]

Cross Members of Dump Trailer :    3” Channels, 16” centers

Rental Rates

Per Day:                $ 15.9

Per Week:             $ 63.5

Per Month:            $ 253.18

Security Deposit Terms

  • In case you cancel the deal, you will not get back 40 % of the rental price.
  • You have to pay for the hold at the pick-up.
  • The amount of that hold will be $ 350.00.
  • We will return the amount taken as a hold if you return the dump trailer as it was.