We do more than simply rent you a trailer we have also offer drop-off and Pick-up service and a whole lot more. No matter what your need we have you covered.


Whole City Dump headquarters in Charlotte NC, helping customers with their dump trailer needs. An easy and efficient method for residential and commercial customers to dispose of their Trash, Junk, Debris, and Waste in a simple affordable manner.

We offer driveway-safe rubber tire trailers, our dumpster trailers are great for any project. We carry out our services to the highest standards, specialize in the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rentals of the waste, environmental, and scrap trailers.

Dump Trailer vs Dumpster or Container

A dump trailer is a superior option in almost every case. When you have a container delivered the truck that delivers the trailer is between 30 and 40 thousand pounds. That’s 20 tons on your driveway. Most of the time when the container or dumpster is dropped off there is damage to your driveway. Unsightly marks, cracks, and worse. Not to mention oil leaks and hydraulic leaks that won’t go away.

Whole City Dump’s trailer, the max weight of the truck and trailer is 10,000 pounds. That’s 75% lighter! That means less stress on your driveway and no cracks. The dump trailer is on 4 16″ 10 ply tires, and not steel rollers so there won’t be scarring of your driveway at drop off and pick up. You can also move the trailer around to make your project a lot easier to load.

So if you are thinking about renting a  trailer in the near future give us a call.

Ready to Rent A Trailer?

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