Have you arranged a heavy-duty Dump Trailer for Rental Kings Mountain NC, or are you planning to take 2 or 3 light-duty dump trailers? If you have the construction work on a large scale, then you need a heavy-duty dump trailer for dumping the debris. If you think that renting a single light-duty dump trailer can save your money, you are technically wrong. It will be time-consuming and eventually will cost you more. Working with more than one light-duty dump trailer will also cost you more, even though it is not that much time taking. Just look at what we brought for you today. It is a Dump Trailer for Rental Kings Mountain, NC.

14 LP Heavy-duty Low Profile Dump Trailer

Here we have 14 LP Heavy-duty dump trailers. These dump trailers are efficient in dumping and hauling the debris. They have ultra-low profile deck height and an 8-inch l-beam frame. For providing complete detail about this dump trailer, we have written its specs below:

Dump Trailer Rental Matthews NC



Size:                             14′

Weight:                        3,960 #

Main Frame:                 8” I-Beam

Bed Top Rail:               2” x 2”

Axles:                           [2] 7,000#




GVWR:                          14,000 #

GAWR [ Ea. Axle ]:        7,000#

Coupler:                        2-5 / 16” [ 18,000# ]

Payload:                        10,040


Rental Rates:


Per Day:            $ 15.1

Per Week:         $ 58.5

Per Month:        $ 234.23

Security Deposit Terms:

  • If you cancel the deal of renting, we will not return the total fee. We will keep 40 % of the rental price.
  • If you want to rent a trailer, then you are bound to pay an additional $ 350 as a hold.
  • If you return the trailer without any damage to it, we will return your $ 350.
  • Following these terms and policies is required for renting.