Are you going to start some construction work but not on a large scale? No one wants to work in a messy area, even if it is small work. In that case, you might be looking for a small dump trailer hence, efficient in work. If you are not interested in buying one, you have the opportunity to have that on rent. Here we are suggesting a small light-duty Dump Trailer Rental to you. Let us have a look at the specifications of that dump trailer available in Cornelius, NC


Dump Trailer Rental Cornelius NC

50SR Single Axle Single Ram Dump Trailer

50SR Single Axle Single Ram Dump Trailer is a small and light-duty dump trailer. Even with its small size, it exhibits its versatility efficiently. It can haul anything like dirt, gravel, mulch, and other such lightweight loads perfectly according to your needs.


Length :                         60”

Width :                           8′

Weight :                         1,680 #

Cross members :           2” channels, 17” centers

Bed Cross members:     20” Tall sides

Frame and Tongue:      5” channels each


G.V.W.R :                       5,000 #

G.A.W.R [Ea. Axle] :     5,080 #

Fenders :                         9” x 36” 16 GA Roll formed

Couplers :                       2-5 / 16” Stamped A – Frame

Payload :                         3,320 #

Rental Rates:   

Per Day:                         $ 5.85

Per Week:                      $ 28.72

Per Month:                    $ 114.55

Security Deposit Terms: 

  • According to our security deposit terms and conditions, you have to pay for the additional hold of $ 350.
  • This addition will be at the pickup that is a requirement for renting.
  • In case of returning the trailer without any damage to it, we will lift this hold immediately.
  • If you cancel the deal of renting, then we are not restricted to give 40 % of the rental fee back to you.