Are you still using those difficult methods for lifting and placing debris produced during construction or demolishing buildings? If so then, these methods are not only difficult to use but are also a source of discomfort. We are sure that you will surely be glad and at ease to know the best alternatives for accomplishing this task. A dump trail is useful for hauling all those debris effectively, depending on its specifications. If you are thinking that we shall ask you to buy a Dump trailer then you are wrong. We don’t want you to spend a lot of money on such a thing that is indeed useful but, is not required throughout life.

Dump Trailer Rental Concord NC

Dump Trailer Rental Concord NC

So the best solution for your problem right now is renting a dump trial. We are not only telling the solution but also guiding you towards the best choice you need. The solution is a Dump Trailer Rental in Concord NC. Let’s have a look at its specifications, making it the best option.

  14 LX-14′ Big Tex Dump Trailer


  • Length                                              14′
  • Width                                                83”
  • Weight                                              3,960#
  • Bed cross members                   3” Channels, 16” Centers
  • The top rail on Dump Bed        2” square tubing


  • GVWR:                                        14,000#
  • GVWR [Ea. Axle]:                        7000#
  • Capacity:                                        7.2 CUBIC YARDS 
  • Coupler:                                 Adjustable 2-5/16”18000# Demo EZ Latch   
  • Payload:                                           10,040#


Daily:                                                $100

Weekend:                                       $300

Weekly:                                           $600

Monthly:                                         $1975


14 LX-14′ Big Tex Dump Trailer is highly significant as it provides one the ease of easy loading and unloading debris. Ensuring safety from incidents reduces the risk of injuries.

Security Deposit Terms:

  • An additional hold of $350, will be added up to rent the trailer.
  • This hold taken from you will be lifted back soon after returning the damage-free trailer.
  • If you cancel it, then 40% of the total rental cost, will not be returned.